I am so happy to have had an article published in the ASBA journal! The Botanical Artist is a beautiful produced quarterly that is sent to American Society of Botanical Artist members. The art is stunning and the article topics cover subjects such as artists techniques and profiles as well as interesting aspects of Botany that may aid and inform artists.  My article was a follow up to a workshop I attended at our convention in Denver last September.  I had taken some printmaking classes in college but wanted to sink my teeth in it again from a Botanical Artist point of view.  The article covered my experience at the workshop as well as some research and interviews I did with contemporary printmakers.  The experience was great, I loved doing it and would like to continue in that vein probably over at my other blog, Spare the Bud so stay tuned!  If you have an interest in botanical art I highly recommend joining ASBA if only to receive this wonderful journal.