For a Change


I’ve been working on a studio painting of peony in oils.  It’s a big departure from the tight watercolor botanicals I’ve been doing and also quite different from plein air painting.  I really enjoyed it.  Working quite large and painterly, using what I’ve learned about oil from the plein air quick sketches, this feels…comfortable.  Maybe because I’m not swatting mosquitos, or melting in the sun LOL. My worry is that I am not focused.  Ive heard it is not good for an artist career to skip around from medium to medium and technique to technique but I like the change of rhythm from tight and controlled Botanicals to a more energetic expression.  I like the weight of this. It feels like a heavy blanket in winter. Comfortable.

8 thoughts on “For a Change

  1. Your painting of these peonies is outstanding. I see that you have your Certificate in Botanical Illustration and Art from the New York Botanical Garden. Are these peonies from their very large peony collection?


      1. Thank you for your reply and kudos to your husband, but too bad for me! I wanted to see those peonies in flower with my own eyes!


  2. Susan: I think it’s wonderful if you are trying something new! Ted and I are enjoying watching several artists on our public broadcast station, and especially love the oils The colors are so vibrant! Enjoy! Jeanette J.

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  3. Susan, Another incredible painting. Why not try different mediums? It seems that you can do anything you set your mind to and you are incredibly gifted. Enjoy every moment creating whether it be in water, oil, or other medium as long as it brings you joy. You certainly are bringing joy to others by sharing your lovely paintings with us! Xoxo

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