Dahlia’s Rapt Gaze 23″ x 23″ Sanded Charcoal on BFK Rives

I have always been mesmerized by flowers and having an eye for detail, it’s natural that I am draw to the flower center. This piece was born out of a desire to draw the viewer in and like a mandala hold their gaze. A mandala can be meant to represent wholeness, the cosmos or all the universe in one symbol. Not to get all New Age but I think the image has power, power to say “SEE ME” “SEE ME”, I am the seed of the world. Urbanization and digitalization have lead to rampant Plant Blindness. Humans have a propensity for recalling an animal easier then a plant. Any child can name the animals in a zoo but generally can’t name the plants in their own back yard. A lack of connection to nature can have devastating mental health consequences not to mention how rampant apathy to nature could effect policy decisions eventually having repercussions on life as we know it, damaging our food supply and the quality of our water and air. So lets take a deep breath, take a walk and with stewardship, notice the universe in a flower.